Bucket seats conversion

The seating arrangement is going to be converted from a bench to bucket in the front. We poured through Craig's List and ebay looking for suitable donor seats, but all of them we looked at were rusted out or so torn up that by the time we rebuilt them into what we wanted, they would cost nearly as much as reproductions. With that in mind, we pulled the trigger and ordered a fresh pair of buckets, buns, slides, covers, headrests, and conversion brackets from Ground-Up.

The conversion brackets were relatively easy to locate using the Bucket Install instructions by James Hinshaw and Mark Meekins and mounting the slides onto one of the actual frames. The brackets were tacked into place and verified for alignment and being level to the floor and each other before fully welding them in. The floor pans are thin which made welding the brackets without blowing a hole through the floor difficult.

Console conversion

With the decision to move to bucket seats, we had to decide what to do about a console and shifter. After debating between leaving the column shift in place with custom console and converting to a reproduction console with horse shoe shifter, we went with a full console conversion kit from Original Parts Group. Fortunately, we found most of the dimples in the transmission tunnel, but the Console Install (again from James and Mark) made it much easier to reference the final locations.

In order to mate the 700R4 with our staple shifter, we will need to get a different detent plate and lens from Shift Works (P/N: SC2243).

Second Skin Damplifier Pro installation (31May10)

Audio Install (July 2011)

Interior Construction Photos (Building the kick pods)

Trunk Package