The "Build Plan"

Where to start.... Let's start with what the car won't be. It won't be a "SS Clone". It won't be a "SS Tribute" either. At this point in the build, call me a snob, but I believe in 'bring what you've got and don't call it something its not...'. With that said, our car will have a number of "SS" parts including a cowl hood and a 3-gauge conversion dash. However, there won't be ANY SS badging on the car. For that matter, I doubt there will be anything other than the script Chevelle on the trunk lid. The 350 and Malibu fender emblems will be shaved along with the antennae hole in the fender. We will also fill the hood pin holes on the original SS cowl hood we found.

In the beginning, we planned to have some body work done, upgade the brakes, play with the motor, and rebuild the tranny. After some quality time with the guys down at Ace Auto body & Customs, the plan quickly turned into a full frame-off build. In an effort to save some cash and support my need to tinker, a plan was developed where I would tear down the car and deliver a body for metal work, rebuild and deliver a freshened chassis.

As the car started as a humble Malibu, it's being transformed into more of a resto-mod. It's not all original any longer, but it's also not a numbers matching 1970 SS 396 so let's have some fun. Starting with the interior, the plan is to swap the bench seat for repop buckets and move the shifting from the column to the console. A Flaming River tilt steering wheel would be great too! It will depend on where the budget ends up by the time we get to the interior.

More to come...